Monday, April 14, 2008

Torso For a Friend

This is another Torso that I did for the lady at the fabric store where I buy my odd buttons from the button trunk. When I took my other torsos in to the store trying to match buttons she started talking to me about the quilt group she belongs to doing QTCs (quilter trading cards) and because she liked the torsos I had done she wanted to know if I would do a trade with her. So this is what I came up with as her favourite colours are blues. I even dug out my embroidery machine (and I really mean dug out) from under everything that was piled on it and did some machine stitching. The wandering dashed lines are actually in the patterned paper but the diagonal stitching is done by machine. The little tiny blue buttons at the waist and the light blue one at the neck actually started out as white ones that I coloured with a blue Sharpie marker (the mother of invention).


Jules said...

Your fabric work is so lovely...I have stitch envy!

Passionforstamping said...

Wow, Sandie. What a wonderful job you did with this torso. I'm sure the lady will absolutely love it, as I do.