Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Renewal

I have just been playing around today and not getting much art done. I did manage to get this ATC done for the March ATC Lottery on Altered Designs. Who knew kleenex boxes could make such nice art. A little stamp here, a rub on there and a little colour and you're done. The box was headed for the trash until the old gray matter started to shift gears. LOL I now have enough blanks for four more ATC besides this one.


Kelly said...

beautiful ATC!

Gabrielle Madsen said...

This is so awesome Sandie!!! And yeah for the grey matter, lol. Seriously though, I was in a mixed media art class a while back and this was one of the observations I shared with the class.......kleenex boxes are all about mixed media collage art and it has become an awesome part of artistic culture!